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The very first protected landscape area in our country was declared in 1955 just within the area of Český Ráj.

The present PLA is bordered by Kyselov, and continues along the road between Turnov and Jičín to Ktová and past Osek, through the valley of Plakánek and Branžež to Valečov. Then it turns to the north, up to the Mnichovo Hradiště - Turnov motorway; behind the Žabakor Pond, it turns to the east and goes back via Příhrazy to Kyselov near Turnov.

The main reason why Český Ráj was declared a protected landscape area was the extraordinary ragged surface, distinctive for its sandstone formations and dominant landscape features, such as Kozákov, Trosky, Mužský, Vyskeř and many others.

CHKO Český ráj, author: Milan Drahoňovský

Nature Reserve Specification: Nature Reserve

CHKO Český ráj, author: Archiv TPCR
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