Petrified castle

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Mšeno, 277 35

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The rock formation called the Zkamenělý Zámek - Petrified Castle is located 8 km to the north-west of Mšeno.

At this place, there was once a cave; however, its ceiling collapsed and at present you can only come across rocks and relics of the cave. Some sources mention the locality as remnants of an ancient castle. It is true that there are several mortises that may have been designed for fixing ceiling beams.

Access: the green trail from Mšeno via Romanov to Konrádov. Before you arrive to the Zkamenělý Zámek (Petrified Castle), you can visit natural localities in the surroundings, e.g. Drnclík (481 metres above sea level) and Uhelný Vrch (451 metres above sea level) with the presence of interesting vegetation.

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