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About the Region

The Mladá Boleslav Region is famous not only for being an automobile region, but it is also an excellent holiday destination. The Mladá Boleslav Region offers plenty of opportunities and attractions for those who like to enjoy active holidays as well as for those who love culture and historical places. Those who love wandering through the romantic countryside will be utterly satisfied here, and children won't get bored as they can learn new things and explore new places. The Mladá Boleslav Region is the right place for everybody; just come and try it yourself! The area of the Mladá Boleslav Region includes Bohemian Paradise, the countryside along the Elbe River, Mácha's Country and the Kokořín Region, and they all offer a wide choice of interesting places.

Bohemian Paradise is the oldest protected area in our country. Its attractiveness lies not only in the beautiful and well preserved nature, but also in the number of castles, ruins and romantic chateaus. Thanks to its unique countryside, Bohemian Paradise was awarded the status of UNESCO Geo-park.

The River Elbe Basin (Polabí)

Sunny pine forests and the calm surface of the Elbe River, as well as fertile soil and meadows are balm for the soul. On a bike, on skates, with a stroller or on foot, you can visit historical towns, picturesque villages, old strongholds and impressive castles, as well as sand dunes, alluvial forests, clear lakes, and romantic gardens. Come and stay in the region of King George of Poděbrady, Prince Wenceslas, Count Špork and Bedřich Smetana, as well as Bohumil Hrabal. You will love coming back! 

Mácha's Country is a picturesque area situated to the south of the town of Česká Lípa. Its name originates from the Czech poet Karel Hynek Mácha who loved this area and who set the plots of some of his literary works there. The centre of the area is Máchovo jezero pond, which is surrounded by the hills of the Ralsko Uplands with several castle ruins, out of which the most famous are Bezděz and Ralsko. 

The Kokořín region is famous for its romantic gorges and bizarre sandstone formations, which cannot be found anywhere else in Bohemia in such a form and range. The most famous are the rocky Pokličky – they have become a symbol of the whole area. The picturesque nature of the Kokořín region is dotted with a number of small villages that have kept their folk architecture.

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