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Mlada Boleslav
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Mladá Boleslav municipal library

Mlada Boleslav
Mladá Boleslav municipal library is an institution funded from the budget of the statutory town of Mladá Boleslav and the town’s public library with one branch in the Severní Město housing estate.
Vzdělávací centrum Na Karmeli, author: Archiv: Vzdělávací centrum Na Karmeli

Na Karmeli educational centre

Mlada Boleslav
Since 2007, Na Karmeli educational centre has been not only an interesting example of combination of historical and modern architecture, but also representative space suitable for educational and social events.
MB Vila DDM, Na Výstavišti

The House of Youth and Children (DDM)

Mlada Boleslav
This is an organisation focusing mainly on leisure activities for children and youth. More than 70 afterschool clubs open each year and stays with special programs during the academic year and popular summer camps during summer holidays are organised at the bases.
Městské divadlo Mladá Boleslav

The theatre building in Mladá Boleslav

Mlada Boleslav
The theatre building in Mladá Boleslav was built during 1906 - 1909. However, theatre performances were already staged in the town in the 1840s.
Kulturní a vzdělávací centrum Kopidlno, author: Archiv Město Kopidlno

Cultural and education centre Kopidlno

The original school building was constructed between 1851–1853. It is a classicist single-storey building with regular ground plan with stylish elements, simply organized cordon façade, and cornice under the roof. This contributed to the building inclusion amongst the cultural memorials. For some time it hosted a library, but in 1935
Dům Kultury Mladá Boleslav, author: Kultura města Mladá Boleslav a.s.

The Culture House in Mladá Boleslav

Mlada Boleslav
The Culture House in Mladá Boleslav has a large hall with a balcony, theatre hall, musical hall, meeting room and mirror room. Regular art exhibitions are prepared for visitors in the foyers. The Culture House offers cultural and social activities, exhibition space and halls and other premises for hire. The
Venkovní scéna, author: Divadýlko na dlani

The smallest theater Na Dlani

Mlada Boleslav
The theatre called “Divadýlko na dlani” (Theatre in the Palm of the Hand) opened in 1998 and since then has been an essential element in the cultural life in Mladá Boleslav and its surroundings.
Městské divadlo Turnov, author: KC Turnov

Town Theatre, Turnov

The Town Theatre in Turnov was built in 1874.
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