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The Gem Cutter´s House

Skálova 71
Turnov, 511 01

Phone:+420 481 322 106
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In September 2010, the Gem Cutter´s House (Kamenářský dům) opened in the Museum of Bohemian Paradise. This is a copy of house No. 19 from the early 18th century that stood on the corner of today´s Havlíčkovo Square and 28. října Street until April 1973.

In the 1960s, the Gem Cutter´s House was the last structure in Turnov that was a timbered municipal house with a covered porch and a mansard Baroque roof, originally thatched. The Museum of Bohemian Paradise attempted to rescue the house and even wanted to relocate it to the open-air folk museum in Dolánky u Turnova, which is under construction. However, the house was demolished to make space for a monstrous state telecommunications project.

Beginning in 1998, the management of the Museum of Bohemian Paradise tried to implement a project to build a replica of the destroyed building. Construction started on 1 June 2009 in the museum garden. The implementation of this project gave rise to a “living” house that offers an example of historical crafts: goldsmithery and jewellery making that both have had a long tradition in the region.

The exhibition in the Gem Cutter´s House explains the history of the relationships between the towns of Turnov and Idar-Oberstein and uses items from the museum collections, Czech and German archives and Mr. Dieter Jerusalem’s private collection in Idar-Oberstein.


Opening hours

May - September Tu - Su 9:00 - 17:00
October - April Tu - Su 9:00 - 16:00

Kamenářský dům, author: Archiv Muzea Českého ráje

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Kamenářský dům, author: Archiv Muzea Českého ráje
Kamenářský dům, author: Archiv Muzea Českého ráje
Kamenářský dům, author: Archiv Muzea Českého ráje
Kamenářský dům, author: Archiv TPCR


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