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Staráky Cave or Bábinka

Kokořín, 277 23

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The torso of the little rock castle in the steep rock above the gorge behind the castle is one of the most beautiful underground corners in Kokořín.

It is possible that the locality had been inhabited in ancient times as ceramic fragments from the late Bronze Age were discovered at the site. If you climb up a narrow gap with carved steps and continue through a short crooked passage to a little platform, you can visit several well-preserved rock rooms. The access is rather challenging, though. In the village of Kokořín, you then continue along a (not marked) path from the chateau (not from the castle!), on the road from the right, pass the farmhouse, and along the path that leads to the edge of the rocks, and you will come to a path that will take you to the chambers above the gorge.

Locality: 200 m from the chateau, in Kokořín.


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