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Psí Kostel Cave in Polomené Hory

Hradčany, 471 24

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The locality named Psí Kostel - Dog Church, also called Husův Kostel, is one of the most interesting caves in our country. The picturesque yet not much known area between Máchovo Lake and the Ploučnice River is now called the Polomené Hory Mountains.

The most distinctive formation in the Polomené Hory is a ragged sandstone overhang of rock that is ended in the cave. The gallery on the rock terrace is partially open into the valley, and then, in other parts, it creates rock chambers supported by natural columns. The end points of the overhang are 35 m away and the total length of the corridors is 80 m.

Locality: in the rocks in the southern slope of the Jelení Vrch, 3.5 km from Hradčany, 5 km from Mimoň.


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