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Church of St. James in Kopidolno

Kopidlno, 507 32

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The church is placed in the slope close to the square (Hilmarova and Vackova street).

The building was constructed in the location of former Gothic Church from the second half of the 14th century which was destroyed during extensive fire in 1667. New church together with the parish was built between 1704-1705, probably by Prague builder Filip Spannbrucker (1672–1729). The builder was Count František Josef Schlik (1656–1740), who also financed most of the building; smaller part was paid from the requiem related property of the church. In 1775, Manor oratory was built to the north side of presbytery, sacristy was found in 1829 on the opposite south side.

Church of St. Jakub Větší is a single nave building of oval ground plan with a cross which defines the areas of the side chapels with its transverse arms. The entrance of the western frontage is decorated with the balloon portal which is uncommon in the Czech environment. Tower with onion dome is placed above the entrance area. The church exterior is decorated with lesene frames and Doric pilasters, concaved, which hold the reduced entablature.

The entrance area under the tower, with staircase to the choir and attic at the north side, leads to the main nave area. The interior walls are divided by combined pilasters with connected vault belts. The dome vault, i.e. melon type, closes the central area, the vault sectors are decorated with wall paintings with the motives of legends about Jakub Větší. The side altars include illusion paintings, the walls include hanging oil paintings from Viennese painter F. W. Tamm from 1703. The presbytery contains a rigid Neo-renaissance altar from the 80s of the 19th century.

The church interior was reconstructed in 1850–1852, further larger repairs were performed in 1885–1888 and 1915. Currently, the church hosts masses, on Sundays and Bank holidays, and also on week days. The church occasionally hosts organ concerts, classical music concerts, and wind instruments.


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