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Climbing Area Hruboskalsko

Hrubá Skála, 511 01

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The central area named Skalák is considered the cradle of Czech sandstone climbing.

More than 400 rock towers reach up to 55 metres high and they are so close to one another that climbers often move from one rock to another at height, fixed on the rope.

Here, you may come across tall towers and the climbing is just fantastic. The central sectors are described in great details in new climbing guides; however, the classification of the sectors may vary. To climb in the locality of Skalák successfully, you need to know how to work with rope eyes. The sandstone of Hruboskalsko is relatively soft, hence you should proceed with care. It is absolutely necessary to respect the ban on climbing in rainy weather and for 48 hours following a rain event.

The best-known and most favourite towers in this rock formation are: Blatník, Maják, Mnich, Zlatá Vyhlídka, Podmokelská, Kapelník, Taktovka, Lebka, Dračí věž, Dračí Zub, Daliborka and Osudová


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