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Drábské Světničky

Dneboh, 295 01

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The Drábské Světničky, a former rock fortress, used to dominate the flat edge of the rock pillar near the basalt hill named Mužský, not far from Mnichovo Hradiště.

The system of fortresses was built as early as in the 13th century on seven sandstone blocks that are divided by narrow gaps. Despite the fact that since the end of the 15th century the structure has deteriorated, remnants of eighteen rooms have been preserved: they are completely or in part carved in the sandstone and were mostly used as store rooms. In addition, the rocks show prints of seven wooden constructions and six bridge structures that used to connect the blocks. The unique locality and the sophisticated utilisation of the rock formations that used to be a substantial part of the fortifications had guaranteed that the Drábské Světničky were unconquerable for many years.

At present, the former fortress is one of the most frequently visited attractions in the region as it offers fantastic views of the beautiful landscape of the Český Ráj Protected Landscape Area that was declared a UNESCO Geological Park (2005).

The Drábské Světničky are open to the public for free.


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