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Hruboskalsko educational path


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The educational path will take you through the biggest sandstone rock town of the Český ráj (Bohemian Paradise) Nature Reserve. The 16 stations will introduce to you the living nature and the minerals of Český ráj. The path crosses relic pine forests around interesting sandstone shapes such as Adam\\\\\'s Bed, Mouse Hole and Kapelník rock tower.

(Route length: 7.5 km)

Lázně Sedmihorky spa – Zámecká rokle glen – Hrubá skála rock – Arboretum Bukovina – Janova vyhlídka observation point – Kapelník – Prameny (Springs)

Lázně Sedmihorky Spa

A municipality in Český ráj where the Turnov physician A.V. Šlechta founded a hydro-therapeutic spa in the mid-19th century. The name is derived from the mineral spring called "Sedmihorka", known since 1702. The therapy consisted of cold water on medical prescription, fresh air, exercise and diet.  The spa was favoured by many well-known personalities such as Jan Neruda and Eliška Krásnohorská. The spa was later changed into a climatic spa.  At present Sedmihorky spa is mainly known for its popular camping site, which has won the Camp of the Year competition several times. 

Mouse Hole

The Mouse Hole is a cleft in the Hruboskalsko rocks, which is so narrow that it is hard to pass through.  It is situated on the way from the car park in front of the Hrubá Skála Chateau to the Chateau canyon.

Hrubá Skála Chateau

The Renaissance chateau was built on sandstone rocks on the site of a mediaeval castle built by Hynek of Waldstein in the 14th century. In the 19th century the chateau was purchased by the Aehrenthal family and now represents one of the dominants of Český ráj. At present the chateau is used as a hotel and congress centre. Visitors can climb the observation tower, which offers a beautiful view of the Hruboskalsko region, Trosky Castle, Tábor and the Kozákov hills. In the summer season the castle holds an event called "Get to Know the Middle Ages". The castle yard is filled with knights, acrobats, dancers and musicians. 

Mariánská vyhlídka

The Marian observation point is one of the most popular and most visited Český ráj observation points.  It offers the best-known postcard panorama of Hrubá Skála, Trosky and Kozákov. In addition, there is a superb view of the group of rocks named Sahara, Dvanáct apoštolů, Větrník, Dračí věž and other rock formations. The lookout point is situated at an elevation of 360 metres above sea level, on a rock block in the area of Dračí Skály, some 1.5 km from Hrubá Skála Castle. Below Mariánská vyhlídka, there is a symbolic climbers' cemetery.

Vyhlídka u Lvíčka observation point

This observation point shows the Hruboskalské rock town in its full glory.  The original observation point was situated on a short rock promontory with a limited vista.  In the late 1990s the observation point was extended by bridges, moved away from the promontory and equipped with a board naming the individual objects that can be seen from here.

Bukovina Arboretum

The Arboretum was founded by the owner of the Hrubá Skála estate, Jan Friedrich Lexa of Aehrenthal. Its area of 2.73 hectares features 35 tree species, mostly from North America.  The Arboretum has a historic summer house from the latter half of 19th century built in the Swiss style, with an exhibition and seasonal information centre of the management of the nature reserve. 

Adam's Bed Rock

The rock relief cut into sandstone is situated about 300 m north of the Hrubá Skála Chateau and resembles a sofa with its shape.  It was developed on the order of František Adam – the brother of the last owner of the Hrubá Skála property from the Valdštejn family. Adam's bed was to symbolise three Adams: Adam the first man, Adam of Waldstein – founder of the family branch, and František Adam. The shape is mainly popular thanks to the fairy-tale Prince Bajaja, which was filmed here.

Janova vyhlídka observation point

The observation point called Janova vyhlídka is situated on the blue path in the direction towards the Sedmihorky – U Kavčin crossing. The observation point offers vistas of the Kozákov range and the Beacon and Devil's Hand rocks.

Sedmihorky springs

The spa and its surroundings offer numerous springs, which were used for spa therapy.  The main springs include Josef, Alois and Hermina, Barbora, Felix and the Karel Ferdinand springs. A number of the springs are to be found directly beside the educational path.




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