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Vesec u Sobotky Village Monument Reserve

Vesec u Sobotky, 506 01

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The village was declared a rural monument reserve of folk architecture in 1995. The reason is the unique, well-preserved Czech village of radial development - a set of 18 , mostly timbered houses - various types of farmstead.

It is, in general, the Sobotka type of timbered house, characteristic for the Jizera region. The house is distinctive with perfect carpenter craftsmanship. The main construction element is the united windows, mostly in the original state. The village square is decorated with a marvellous artistic piece by the folk artist Josef Zeman from Žernov. Vesec has his sculpture of the Holy Trinity, where God is kneeling on the Earth, and the holder is decorated with a relief of St. Wilgefortis (in Czech: Starosta), the daughter of Portuguese king, who was nailed on the cross on order of her cruel father after she had woken up with a beard growing on her face. The relief placed on the socle depicts another legend, also connected with the figure of St. Wilgefortis.


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