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Cottage Libošovice

Libošovice 9
Libošovice, 507 44

Phone:+420 493 571 226
GSM:+420 730 654 266
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Total capacity of beds: 18
Additional beds: 2
Total number of rooms: 5
Types of room: twin, three-bed, four-bed
Number of double rooms: 1
Number of three-bed rooms: 2
Number of four-bed room: 2
Two buildings are offered: a stylish, newly-reconstructed cottage and a new house with a large fenced garden and a swimming pool.

The houses are located in a beautiful and peaceful location which is popular among tourists in Český ráj (Bohemian Paradise) in the triangle of Humprecht, Kost and Trosky. It is in a small village of Libošovice lying on several hiking and cycling trails. It is an ideal place for a family holiday. A dense network of signposted tourist trails offers countless destinations for hiking and cycling trips.


chalupa s bazénem, author: Jiří Mikulík

Accommodation furnishing

Facilities: room with shower Facilities: communal bathroom Facilities: cooking facilities Facilities: grill, fireplace Facilities: garden, terrace Facilities: outdoor pool Facilities: car park Facilities: car park

chalupa, author: Jiří Mikulík
chalupa, author: Jiří Mikulík
chalupa, author: Jiří Mikulík
chalupa interiér, author: Jiří Mikulík
chalupa interiér, author: Jiří Mikulík
chalupa, author: Jiří Mikulík
Libošovice, author: Jiří Mikulík


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