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Libošovice, 507 44

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The original part of the Kost estate and the 15th-century Regent\\\'s manor are located about 3 km north-west of Sobotka. Libošovice is in the Sobotka valley (Sobotecká kotlina), below Nepřívěcká Hůra at an altitude of 295 metres above sea level.

The first written mention of the village dates back to 1352. Libošovice used to belong to the Kost estate. In the 15th century, for a few decades it became the Regent's seat. Mikuláš was inaugurated here in 1438 and Jan of Libošovice in 1454. However, Libošovice again came under the administration of Kost Castle at the end of the 15th century. The village had its own Church dedicated to St. Prokop. The Church was originally affiliated to Kost Castle. However, it began to be considered as a Parish Church in 1384. The Late Gothic Church was restored in 1610. In 1874, it underwent some renovations; the building was extended and the church tower was added.

Regarding other historical monuments in the village, there is the preserved statue of St. Prokop from the 19th century. There is also a memorial to Jan Hus, created by J. Bílek in 1928. The memorial is located on the village square. The surrounding settlements belonging to Libošovice include numerous cultural monuments. Kost Castle is the most important of these. Moreover, there are original rural buildings preserved in the settlements of Nepřívěc and Vesec, documenting local folk architecture. There are also the Church of the Holy Cross in Nepřívěc (14th century) and the stone belfry (1583). A group of lime trees is growing on the local square. The statue of the Virgin Mary (1857) is situated in the village of Dobšice. World War II is commemorated by a monument to a Russian lieutenant. Several mature lime trees and a small belfry are to be seen in the villages of Rytířova Lhota and Malá Lhota.


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