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Vyskeř 50
Vyskeř, 512 64

Phone:+420 481 329 211
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Vyskeř is situated approximately 13 km to the south of Turnov, at an altitude of 327 m. It is located at the foot of a basalt hill in Bohemian Paradise.

The first mentions of the village date back to the 12th century. The original inhabitants were pagans as is proved by the findings from 1894, when a pagan burial site with remnants of urns and a scythe were discovered.

Local objects of cultural heritage include the Church of the Assumption of the Virgin Mary, the landmark of the village, and a wooden belfry from 1504. St. Ann's Chapel from 1830 is situated at the peak of a hill that is 464 m high.

The village is a natural tourist crossing in Bohemian Paradise. This is the point of intersection of hiking and cycling trails to Hrubá skála, Trosky, Kost, Mužský and Turnov. The hill of Vyskeř above the village overlooks broad stretches of land with Kozákov, Trosky, Mužský or Ještěd.


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