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Wooden belfry in Vyskeř

Vyskeř, 512 64

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The wooden eight-sided belfry made of wooden logs is a prominent feature of Vyskeř.

The belfry dates from 1504. It is made of wooden logs and has a regular octagonal shape. The roof is covered with shingles. Originally, it was intended as a defence of the chapel of Vyskeř, which had no tower then. In 1506 the bell called Václav measuring 75 cm in diameter and weighing 227 kg was purchased and hung in the belfry.

In 1723 the bell Maria of 83 cm in diameter and 314 kg was purchased for the Gothic church. It was hung in the church tower, which however showed masonry damage caused by the weight and movement of the bell in the mid-18th century. It was decided that this bell too would be hung in the wooden belfry. It had to be reconstructed around 1750 to carry both bells. The belfry was made taller and larger.

In 1916 during World War I Maria was confiscated and broken into pieces. The same fate awaited Václav during World War II, but fortunately it was found intact in Prague after the war. It was hung in the tower of the church on 18 June 1945.

The belfry is stepped, rather small and has an octagonal ground plan. It rests on a stone bedding; the lower walls are made of logs. The level where the bell hangs is covered with vertical boards.

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Zvonice Vyskeř


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