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Hotel Helikar

Podkost 19
Libošovice, 506 01

GSM:+420 608 836 300
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Total capacity of beds: 32
Total number of rooms: 12
Types of room: twin, three-bed, four-bed, multiple-bed

7 rooms with an ensuite WC. Most of the rooms are equipped with a TV set, 90% of the rooms have a view of the castle Kost.

The hotel includes: a hall with 70 seats, a private room with 25 seats, an outdoor terrace with 45 seats
The hotel can be used for organizing weddings, balls, New Year celebrations, trainings, courses, company banquets, receptions and garden parties on the outdoor terrace with BBQ. It also offers bike hire, parlour games hire and massages.


Room with a WC

Room with a WC + a TV

Per person per night

CZK 300

CZK 350

CZK 400

Children of up to 10 years

CZK 150

CZK 175

CZK 200

The price for accommodation includes a breakfast.

Price with half-board catering CZK 440, price with full-board catering CZK 520. 

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Accommodation furnishing

Additional services: breakfast Additional services: half board Additional services: full board


Capacity: 30


Infocentrum Mladá Boleslav
Železná 107
293 01 Mladá Boleslav
tel.: +420 326 109 405
email: infocentrum@kulturamb.cz
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