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Nový Bernštejn Chateu

Nový Berštejn 10
Doksy, 472 01

GSM:+420 776 881 184
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Bernštejn chateau was built in the Renaissance style in 1553-1567 by Adam Berka of Dubé. The residence of the Berk family was moved to the chateau from the Starý Bernštejn castle. In the first half of the 18th century the chateau underwent Baroque modifications. The attic dates back to the beginning of the 20th century. Pseudohistoric modifications were done in 1934.

There are no tours given of the chateau.Berštejn chateau is usually open to the public every year only at times selected in advance, for example, during events organized by the Dubské Švýcarsko club, European Heritage Days and various charitable events. Otherwise, the chateau and park are not accessible to the public and serve only for hotel guests. Only people entitled to enter or booked in advance are allowed to enter the chateau and park. 


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