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7 stops of Kadlín

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How did our grandparents live? What did our ancestors live on? What was rural life like? How did craftsmen of old work and which tools did they use? You may learn answers to these questions if you visit the picturesque village of Kadlín situated in the Mělník region, halfway between Mělník and Mladá Boleslav.

If you wish to peek into history and see what the village looked like a hundred or more years ago, when it was full of people and teeming with rich social life, the 7 stops of Kadlín project is right for you.

1 The first stop is an exposition of a village smithy. The smith used to be a respected and important inhabitant of every village. Some of the equipment of the smithy comes from the smithy of Lešetín. Visitors can inspect a number of instruments and tools, weigh the smith's hammer and try to strike the anvil.

2 The second stop is an exposition of ancient farming technologies, which prove the rural craftsmen's outstanding artfulness. Get carried away into the era of carts, teams of horses and field machines. You can see ploughs, rollers, seed drills as well as carts.

3 The third stop is an exposition of hoes. This tool has been in use for 10 thousand years. Kadlín's exposition presents more than 150 hoes of many different shapes, mostly made by smiths. You will be taken aback by the number of different types of hoes.

4 The fourth stop is an exposition of this region's field crops. The exposition is located in a granary and allows every visitor to rub rye, green peas, flax and another 15 crops in their palms. You will also find the scales used for weighing crops here.

5 The fifth stop is the nature trail of Kadlín plants of Hradišť. The trail will guide you through an interesting habitat of grass and field plants. This short ring-path will take to the village's cult place - the hillock of Hradišť.

6 The sixth stop is at the Hradišť observation tower offering a spectacular view of the picturesque Bohemian landscape. You can feast your eyes on the hill of Říp, nearby Vrátenská Hora, the royal castle of Bezděz and, if the visibility is good, also Milešovka, Ještěd and Krkonoše.

7 The seventh stop is in the church of St. James, where you can sit on 400-year-old benches taken from the monastery in Bělá.

Events prepared for visitors during the high season include Open Doors Days, the Smith's Weekend in May, James's Fare in July and Days of European Cultural Heritage in September. These events will feature various competitions for prizes.

More information about the village and its surroundings is available at www.kadlin.cz.

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