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Mšeno, 277 35

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The ancient town of Mšeno (240-403 meters above sea level) is the gateway to the Kokořínsko Protected Area. Its most valuable part — ”Kokořínský důl” Nature Reserve — almost reaches the outskirts of the town. Kokořín is a wooded region with numerous rock formations, cliffs, gullies and romantic corners, containing many hiking and cycling trails. This region offers visitors unspoilt Nature, several castles and chateaus (Kokořín, Bezděz, Houska), observation towers (Vrátenská Hora, Kadlín-Hradiště), as well as preserved original wooden architecture (Olešno Nature Reserve).

In the town itself, Debř wooded park contains a rock apartment, and “Kokořínek” — a miniature of Kokořín Castle —  the Jan Hus monument, the U Muchomůrky resting place and remnants of a forest theatre. There is a children's playground with wooden elements on the edge of this gorge. The 9 km Cinibulk Educational Trail (Josef Bedřich Cinibulk) passes through this area too. There is also the new educational trail called ”Water – Gold of this Region” (naučná stezka „Voda – zlato zdejšího kraje“). Both trails begin on náměstí Míru (Peace Square) which has recently undergone comprehensive reconstruction and has won many awards. The Information Centre and Mini Museum are situated in the Town Hall building. There are restaurants and businesses located around the square.

The major part of the town has been declared a protected urban zone, with the dominant buildings of the Town Hall and the Church of St. Martin. However, there are many other notable buildings, such us the Elementary School building and the renowned  and unique “Town Spa of Mšeno” swimming pool, constructed in the first quarter of the 20th century in the Art Deco style.

The small town of Mšeno provides the peaceful atmosphere of a rural area with a preserved medieval road network and architecture virtually untouched by insensitive modern interventions. The rural surroundings of the town have similar qualities, dominated by wooden folk architecture. Mšeno is a regional centre, offering a wide range of services and modern sporting facilities.

The small town of Mšeno provides ideal conditions for relaxation, whether in the town itself or in the unique surrounding countryside. We look forward to your visit! 


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