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Recreational centre Arnika

Pod Borným
Staré Splavy, 471 63

GSM:+420 605 136 426
+420 731 603 114
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Total capacity of beds: 42
Types of cottage: twin, three-bed, four-bed
The Arnika recreation centre provides accommodation right on the shore of Máchovo jezero, in a pine forest with its own beach. It is located in the village of Staré Splavy, not far from the town of Doksy, in the Mácha Region.

The chalets of the Arnika recreation centre are located amidst a grassy forest and have two, three, or four beds. Each chalet is equipped with a wardrobe, a table, a chair, a fridge and a kettle. Each chalet has a terrace and its own toilet and washbasin. All guests can use the communal showers placed in the grounds.

The site is fenced off and has its own car park.

There is a restaurant with a terrace and an outside seating area by the pond in the grounds. Besides this, there is a volleyball court, a football tennis court, table tennis, swings, slides, an open fireplace, and a place to store bikes, all available free of charge. Pedalos, boats, canoes, surfing equipment and mountain bikes can be hired for a small fee. There is also a dock for the steamers that cruise Máchovo jezero.


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