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Mimoň information centre

Mírová 76
Mimoň, 471 24

Phone:+420 725 746 739
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Mimoň information centre provides information about the town and its surroundings. It is located in the centre of the town, in Mírová street.

The information centre sells promotional materials about Mimoň and its surroundings, maps, guides and postcards, souvenirs, tourist stamps, stickers and pictures, tags for walking canes, Benefit cards, tourist diaries with business cards as well as other small objects.

The information centre provides all tourism-related information about the town and its surroundings - the offer of accommodation, dining, sights, services, tips for trips and others. It also presents an overview of cultural and sporting events held in the town and its surroundings and searches for bus and train connections.

It is also possible to buy tickets for cultural events held by the town of Mimoň at the centre.


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