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"Water – Gold of this Region" Educational Trail

The educational trail about water leads through the beautiful scenery of the Kokořín Region. Nine stations provide information on the water cycle and water usage for human needs. The educational trail is about 10 km long.

Water is Part of Everyone's Life

Water is considered an absolutely normal part of our lives. At times we do not realise how much effort has been spent so that we can open the tap at home and see water flowing from the water pipe. And on the other hand, what energy has been expended in order for the used water from households to be returned to Nature.

Therefore, the aim of our "Water – Gold of this Region" Educational Trail, prepared by the town of Mšeno in collaboration with Vodárny Kladno–Mělník, a.s., and Středočeské vodárny, a.s., is to remind people of these efforts and to inform them of the water cycle in the Mšeno and Kokořín Regions.

The educational trail begins on Peace Square (náměstí Míru) and has a total length of about 10 km. Nine stations await visitors along the route:

Station 1 – Basic information about the educational trail and its stations.
Station 2 – Mšeno Spa and ponds

Station 3 – Romanov water reservoir
Station 4 – Wetlands in the Kokořín Region and Pšovka stream
Station 5 – Stříbrník collection area
Station 6 – Boudecký Mill and the nearby natural spring
Station 7 – Mšeno group-based water supply system
Station 8 – WWTP in Mšeno
Station 9 – Hlovecká natural spring



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