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Palackého náměstí 28
Dobrovice, 294 41

Phone:+420 326 398 301
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The town situated on the southern slope of Chlum Hill near Mladá Boleslav is characterised by a long tradition of sugar processing in the local sugar factory. Tourists are also attracted by the beautiful sight of the Renaissance Town Hall with a tower which is open to the public.

The town of Dobrovice provides visitors with the peace and tranquillity of a small town situated on the southern slope of Chlum Hill near Mladá Boleslav. However, this does not mean that there is nothing interesting to be seen. Quite the contrary! The museums of Dobrovice, which opened just a few years ago, offer both guided tours and an interesting cultural programme. There are also the beautiful Renaissance Town Hall and the panorama of the town and its surroundings from the top of the Town Hall tower. The ceremonial hall with waffle ceiling which was transferred from the former Castle is also worth seeing. If arriving on a hot summer day, the Dobrovice swimming pool provides cool refreshment. The swimming pool still retains the original 1930s' character. Refreshment is available in the Radnice or U Grusů restaurants (on the square), the Lípa Hotel and a pizzeria. Dobrovice “Řepánky” can be savoured every weekend in the patisserie.

Regular events organised in Dobrovice include “Pojizerské Hry” — a parade of amateur theatrical ensembles, as well as the “Fadrhonsova Dobrovice” brass music festival.


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