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Turnov Famous Persons\' & Stonecutters\' Trail

Sobotecká 51
Turnov, 511 01

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The educational panels in Turnov deal with the tradition of stone cutting and jewellery making in Turnov and with the people most associated with the processing of precious stones.

The deep red panels, symbolising the crimson colour of Bohemian garnets, inform visitors  about the sites in Skálova Street connecting the town centre with the park area. In the 18th century, the Sklenařice municipal borough was located at the end of the street, from which only the building of Paclt´s glassworks has been preserved to this day. In the glassworks, a glass composition — the artificial production of precious stones — was burnt until 1864. Today, on the site of the original built-in area of Sklenařice, there is the Secondary School of Applied Arts, already established in Turnov in 1884 as a special expert school to train experts in the area of precious stone processing. Even today, their workshops produce new generations of excellent stonecutters and jewellers.

On the route tracing historical and contemporary precious stone processing, one passes the Bohemian Paradise Museum with the Stone-cutting House (Muzeum Českého ráje s Kamenářským domem) and a house called Na Sboře with a commemorative plaque honouring the priest and scholar, Antonín Marek (1785–1877), a friend of many personalities in the Bohemian National Revival. The atmosphere of the reconstructed Skálova Street with other formal public buildings is complemented with areas of decorative greenery and several monuments.

Jaspers from nearby Kozákov Mountain were used by Turnov stonecutters for the facing of the sanctuary of the Cathedral of the Birth of the Virgin Mary (svatostánek Chrámu Narození Panny Marie), the dominant feature of the town of Turnov. The Stonecutters' Trail also illustrates the history of this monumental 19th-century building. A cemetery adjacent to the Cathedral has artistically valuable tombstones, many of which bear the names of important personalities of the Turnov region. Their resting places are shown on the information map at the cemetery entrance.

Panels on the Stonecutters' Trail in Sobotecká Street provide information on the town history and of the many Turnov natives who made significant contributions to Bohemian science and culture.

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