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Through the Hruboskalsko rock formations

This moderate trip (red level of difficulty) will take you through the Hruboskalsko rock formations and Bohemian Paradise nature.


Lázně Sedmihorky – marked trail 1.5 km Doubravice, Hrubá Skála – road, white cycling trail 4015, 1.5 km Hrubá Skála Chateau ­ – red hiking trail 3 km Valdštejn – yellow hiking trail 0.5 km, white cycling trail 4089 2.5 km Sedmihorky.

Length: 9 km

Trail difficulty for a mechanical wheelchair: difficult, requires assistance

Trail difficulty for an electric wheelchair: difficult, requires assistance

Suitable for baby strollers: YES

Recommended in dry weather!


The parking lot in Sedmihorky does not have reserved handicapped parking. The surface is a combination of asphalt and paving bricks. From the parking lot, take the road from the church to the spa where you can also park. You can buy refreshments from a kiosk with outdoor seating or in the Podzámecká krčma Tavern with a terrace and a wheelchair ramp. There is a 3 cm threshold you have to overcome when entering the restaurant. The door opens inwards and is 80 cm wide. The restaurant has regular restrooms with a 60 cm wide inward opening door. There is 80 cm of clearance in front of the toilet and 20 cm on each side; the sink has a lever handle.

From the tavern take the green marked trail up a steep hill for 400 m (photo No. 1); the surface is made of coarse asphalt. This section is followed by a moderate decline and a 300 metre long flat stretch. Next is a moderate 300 m climb, followed by a moderate 150 m descent. At that point, you will leave the green marked trail and continue along a coarse asphalt road all the way to the main road where you will turn right.

From the end of the village of Doubravice, you have to overcome a slightly steeper 1 km climb along an asphalt road. Next, continue to the crossroads and from there follow the marked trail to the Hrubá Skála Chateau. From the crossroads, take the 300 m moderate descent followed by moderate 50 m climb to the parking lot next to the chateau where you can also see a kiosk and a chateau restaurant. For information about the chateau’s accessibility, go to the relevant page.

From the parking lot, take the red marked trail towards Valdštejn (an asphalt road with a moderate climb). After approximately 300 m, turn right to an asphalt and gravel forest road. After 100 m, you will reach the Adamovo lože fork and from there take the red marked trail to the Bukovina Arboretum. 200 metres of descending are followed by a 300 m flat stretch that will take you to the Arboretum. For more information about the accessibility, go to the relevant page.

After seeing the arboretum, continue on the red marked trail towards Valdštejn Castle. The road turns into a sand-rocky path with a steep 400 m climb (photo No. 2). Then continue on the flat path. You can stop at different lookout points along the way from where there are beautiful views of the countryside and rocks. However, they are harder to access because of roots on the path (photo No. 3).

After approximately 1 km, you will reach a 300 m climb; in the middle of the hill you will be able to see a catch drain made from flat rocks. The drain is shallow and can be easily traversed. This is followed by a 200 m flat stretch and medium descent. Next, you will see two 10 x10 cm drainage grates across the road (photo No. 4) that can be easily traversed. Next you will access a 200 m long flat stretch that will take you all the way to Valdštejn Castle. The castle is open to visitors. For information about accessibility, go to the relevant page.

In the parking lot in front of Valdštejn Castle is a pub with an outdoor seating area and regular restrooms with a 15 cm high stair and a 60 cm inward opening door. There is 30 cm of clearance between the toilet and the wall and 70 cm in front of the toilet. The sink has a lever handle. Wheelchair accessible restrooms are available at Valdštejn Castle.

From Valdštejn Castle you can continue for approximately 700 m along the red marked trail towards Hlavatice. It is a pleasant walk through the forest on flat land. However, you have to take the same route back to Valdštej Castle because the last 200 m to Hlavatice is very steep, rocky and dangerous.

From Valdštejn Castle, take the yellow marked trail towards “Pod Majákem”. The path lined with sandstone rocks slightly descends and its surface is made of coarse asphalt. After 1 km you will reach a fork; form there, take the cycling trail on the right. It is a coarse asphalt and gravel forest road. After a moderate 400 m descent, you will reach a 300 m climb and then you will reach the Pod Majákem fork. Continue on the cycling trail to the Antonínův pramen spring. After you have climbed a moderate 100 m hill, descend to a pond and from there continue along the road. After about 200 m of descending, you will get to an asphalt flat stretch and after another 300 metres, you will be back at the parking lot.


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