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Lysá nad Labem

Husovo náměstí 23/1
Lysá nad Labem, 289 22

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Lysá nad Labem is rightly regarded as the Baroque pearl of the Central Labe region. The town is situated in the Nymburk district, about 40 km east of Prague. Visitors may see a number of historical monuments here which are unique in the world.

The first historical report of Lysá nad Labem dates back to 1034 when Prince Oldřich imprisoned his brother Jaromír in the local castle. The village became a town in 1291.

However, the greatest era of town development coincided with the arrival of the Špork family. General Jan Špork became the new owner during the Thirty Years’ War. He was followed by his son, František Antonín Špork (born in 1662). With regard to this period in time, the unique sculptural decoration of the Chateau Park is noteworthy, with its allegorical statues of the twelve months, seasons in a year, day and night, natural elements and continents.

The town also boasts other major Baroque monuments, such as the Church of John the Baptist, the Augustinian monastery, Town Hall building, and Museum building dedicated to Professor Bedřich Hrozný – a local native and world-renowned Orientalist. The town of Lysá nad Labem is also known for its horse racetrack and exhibition centre where exhibitions are held all year round on many different themes. Due to excellent traffic accessibility and its location, the town is an ideal starting point for hiking and cycling 

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