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Lookout points among the Hruboskalsko Rock Formations

Hrubá Skála, 511 01

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There are several lookout points offering beautiful views of the Hrubuskalsko rock formations and its surroundings. Some views can be found along the Golden Path of Bohemian Paradise and others outside the Golden Path.

Lookout points along the Golden Path of Bohemian Paradise

When hiking along the Golden Path of Bohemian Paradise from Hrubá Skála towards the town of Turnov, you will find several lookout points offering unique views of the region. The first one you will see is Vyhlídka na Kapelu. (GPS 50°33'3.807"N, 15°10'44.112"E) This lookout point offers a view of a group of rocks called “Kapela” (the Band) and a solitary rock tower called “Kapelník” (Bandleader).

The next view along the path between Hrubá Skála Chateau and Valdštejn Castle is Vyhlídka U Lvíčka (GPS 50°33'10.572"N, 15°10'34.507"E) with magnificent views of the Hruboskalsko rock formations.

The last lookout point that can be found at the northern end of the Hrubá Skála plateau is located about 2 km south of the town of Turnov. It is the Skalní vyhlídka Hlavatice lookout point (GPS 50°34'10.520"N, 15°9'19.730"E). It is a solitary sandstone rock at an elevation of 380 metres above sea. The lookout point can be accessed via 36 iron spiral stairs. Hlavatice features a great view of the surrounding landscape, including Turnov, the Kozákovský hřeben Ridge, the Ještědský hřeben Ridge, the Jizerské hory Mountains, Bezděz and Ralsko.

Lookout points outside the Golden Path of Bohemian Paradise

In close proximity to Hrubá Skála Chateau, you can find the Prachovna rock formation, originally a gunpowder storage facility (GPS 50°32'39.662"N, 15°11'30.446"E). If you take the yellow hiking trail from the U Adamova lože fork, you will reach the Zámecká vyhlídka lookout point (GPS 50°32'47.380"N, 15°11'32.548"E). This lookout point offers a beautiful view of Hrubá Skála Chateau and its surrounding rock formations.

If you continue along the yellow trail, you will reach one of the most renowned and visited lookout points in Bohemian Paradise, Mariánská vyhlídka (GPS 50°32'52.724"N, 15°11'36.470"E). This lookout point features a great view of Hrubá Skála, Trosky, Kozákov and the surrounding rocks. It is located at 360 metres above sea, on a rock block in the Dračí skály rocks. Below the Mariánská vyhlídka lookout point, you will see a symbolic mountain climbers’ cemetery.

If you continue along the yellow trail and then take the blue hiking trail at Smíchousův rybník pond, you will reach the Janova vyhlídka lookout point(GPS 50°33'23.311"N, 15°10'24.187"E). From this lookout point, you can see the Kozákovský hřbet ridge and the Maják and Čertova ruka rocks.


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