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Mácha Hiking & Cycling Trail


Accept an invitation to an outing around Doksy, Staré Splavy and Břehyně.

Information panels about interesting sites have been erected in these villages. The Chateau Park in Doksy was made accessible to the public as part of this project. Six information panels in the Chateau Park provide interesting facts about the Chateau's history and architecture, the flora of the Chateau Park and the Wallenstein family. Further information provides details of the entire Chateau grounds. The educational trail begins on the left side of the Park entrance. One of the two info panels before entering the Chateau Park displays a map of the relevant villages with placement of info panels together with their themes. There is truly a wide range of places to be seen.

In total, 30 interesting sites were determined, including 17 information tables, 7 boards and 6 tables with stone bases. Another interesting point is a station on the little-known Šibeniční Hill where you can sit on a bench and enjoy a view of the village. In addition, you will learn some horrific details about this mysterious place that is locally known, for a good reason, as Šibeniční (The Gallows).

If the newly opened educational trail through Doksy, Staré Splavy and Břehyně broaden your horizons and pleasantly fill the time spent by walking around the area, then it fulfils its purpose! We wish you a pleasant excursion!

This is a project, for which the OPS Máchovo jezero charitable trust obtained a grant within the Rural Development Programme, Leader + is administered by the LAG Podralsko Local Action Group.



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